How can I serve on the First Impressions Team?

The Hospitality Team exists to create a welcome and friendly environment in which to help people find hope in Christ and a home in his Church. See how you can serve on the Hospitality Team.

Bookstore: Assist people interested in purchasing resources to help themselves and others grow in their faith. 

Coffee Cove: Help create a welcoming environment by brewing and serving coffee.

Greeting: Welcome people and guide them, as needed, when they arrive for Sunday morning services.

KidLife Check-In: Help families securely check their children in for Large Group Children's Programming on Sunday mornings.

Security: Ensure the safety of people of all ages on Sunday mornings. Security team members are ready to assist in emergencies.

Contact Hannah Ellermets (, First Impressions Director, for more information on how to serve on the First Impressions Team.