Sunshine Preschool exists to provide a safe Christian environment for children to grow, and to give each child a solid foundation for their years ahead in school. We believe a child's confidence, sense of identity, personal worth, and spiritual growth will flourish in a loving Christian program.

Available Classes

3 Year Old Class

Meets two days a week:

Monday and Wednesdays 8:30a-11:00a


Tuesday and Thursday 8:30a-11:00a or 12:00p-2:30p

4 Year Old Class

Meets four days a week

Monday - Thursday 8:30a-11:00a OR 12:00p - 2:30p

If you have any additional questions contact Jenny Camfield, Director of Sunshine Preschool.

Meet the Teachers

Allie Adair

Kyla Zastrow

Rhonda Howard

Libby Collins

Mindy Clapp

Sharon Godwin

Jenny Camfield

Director of Sunshine Preschool