Sunday Messages




We take a look at how the stories of others were transformed by their encounters with Jesus by looking at the accounts in the Gospel of Luke.

A Story of Movement Series A Story of Movement

Todd talks about how Jesus has called us to go out and do something and…

A Story of Conviction Series A Story of Conviction

Jared talks about how we need to get rid of the things standing between…

A Story of Value Series A Story of Value

Guest speaker Bill Duey talks about becoming disciples, working with children…

A Story of Gratitude Series A Story of Gratitude

Ian discusses why thanksgiving needs to be an every day practice and not…

A Story of Life Series A Story of Life

We learn that being a parent (specifically a mom) is not always as glamorous…

A Story of Restoration Series A Story of Restoration

Ian explains how God can restore us from a life of brokenness.

A Story of Peace Series A Story of Peace

We learn how to live in peace, though we live in world that is foreign…

The Story of Faith Series The Story of Faith

We find how Jesus transforms our story into one of faith and trust.