Sunday Messages



School Supplies

Here we talk about taking steps forward in our faith

The Results of Spiritual Growth Series The Results of Spiritual Growth

Greg shows us the results of using the tools in our spiritual backpack

Love Series Love

We find out the real power of love

Mutual Affection Series Mutual Affection

We look at what it means to have brotherly love for one another

Godliness Series Godliness

We learn that we are made to be like God

Perseverance Series Perseverance

We learn that it is always too soon to quit

Self-Control Series Self-Control

We learn how to be trained in God's ways

Knowledge Series Knowledge

We look at how to grow in our knowledge of God, scripture and everything…

Goodness Series Goodness

We look at what it means to be good in faith and actions

Add to Your Faith Series Add to Your Faith

Today we set up the new series and discuss the importance of our "faith…